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Developer Tools

This area includes over 20 useful tools that make coding so simple and fast it almost feels wrong.  Some coding knowledge is beneficial for users of these tools but its not required, as they are all point-n-click or copy-n-paste. 


SEO Tools

The SEO Tools include tools for a variety of SEO management systems plus an overall site stats tool. They include: Alexa, Google, MozScape, Open Site Explorer, SEMRush, Sistrix, Social Media, and Website Stats.


Coding Tools

These tools help speed up the process of code generation and optimizing your website's performance.  This includes a CSS Minifier, a JS Minifier, a Code Beatifier, a HTML Compressor, a HTML Encoder and Decoder, as well as a URL Encoder and Decoder. These are great time savers for developers.


Designer Tools

Of all the tools available these are the best and most regularly used during the developmental stages of a website.  Alone they save tons of time in script writing, but when paired together they can do great things with gradients, buttons, and shadows. A portfolio of sample items using these tools will be made available in the near future. Each sample will include the code used to generate that sample. Once the portfolio is put into place the code to each sample will only be available to registered users who are logged in.



The journal is a set of scripts, acronyms, and terms. The scripts are pieces I've picked up on or written from scratch and I use them as reference material. Others are simply stem from questions others have had or conversations I've had with my collaborators. These scripts are tweaked until they come together and produce the intended results.  I decided to post them not only for my future reference where I can copy, paste, edit, and tweak until I have what I need. I also wanted to share with other developers who can use and tweak as they see fit.

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